Thursday, 7 January 2010


BRRRRRRRR isn't it cold and I bet most of you in the UK have had some snow. I know we have had it for nearly three weeks now. It did start to go and then bang we got a load more this week. Fallon's school is closed but Jordon's isn't. He is one unhappy bunny.
Well I do have a couple of projects to share with you, well I actually had them on Monday but when I went to take some photo's I had run out of battery on my camera. So now I have some I will take some pictures later when it brightens up a bit. The sun is just coming out nice and strong now. (fingers crossed it will melt all the snow) Well I can dream can't I.
OK off to do a couple of job in the house and then I will get started with taking some pictures.
Back soon.
Just to let you know I haven't forgotten, blogger won't let me upload my photo's. I guess those who cannot make it into work today are all updating blogs, lol. I will try a little later to see if they will let me play.

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