Saturday, 23 January 2010

Haitian Disaster Relief

Hi everyone. I have something real important to share with you guys.

As most people know (unless you have been locked away in a cupboard), an earthquake struck Haiti with a mangitude of 7.0. Leaving in its wake devastation so overwhelming that the Haitian people can only look for help from the rest of the world. Stampin' Up! have been great in putting together this week 5,000 hygiene kits at their head office in the US. You can read the full story Here

In addition to this Stampin' Up! are donating £1 from each set of Greenhouse Garden that is sold from now until 28th February. This may not seem a lot to some but to those people every single penny donated is a penny to help them recover from this awful devastation.

In addition to this I will match it and donate a further £1 to the red cross.

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