Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Scrapbook in a tin

Well I am not too sure how this is all gonna turn out. My photography is lousy, I really need to take a course but then when do I fit it in?????
Here goes
This is the project I have made based on the card in the previous post. I have left all the photo's off until I get them all from my mum. Plus the lid still needs to be finished with a title. Again I can't decide until I pick the pictures. Hmm.
Well If you want to download the PDF check out ILWS in their tutorials section. Or you can try and follow the ones I will have here.
1. Take your main colour card (perfect plum), compass, pencil and ruler. Set your compass so that you can make a 5 ½” circle. Using the same centre point make another a fraction bigger that the 5 ½”.
2. Cut out on the outer circle, not on the inner one.
3. Using your corner rounder. Take off the guide. Line it up with the outer corners touching the inner circle and punch. Move it along so that one corner matches a corner that has been punches already. Continue in this way until finished. Don’t worry if at the end the scallops are uneven. You can hide this with ribbon or an embellishment. Practice on smaller circles if necessary.

Once finished, you can rub out any pencil lines that are left. Repeat these steps for as many pages as you want.
4. For the decorative section. Make another circle of 5” in diameter on white or cream card. You can do this as we did before with a compass and a pencil/circle cutter or even a Cricut. For every main page you will have two of these, one for either side. If you have 4 pages you will need 8 decorative panels.
5. For the decoration I used two background stamps, En francias and sanded.
En francais I stamped using perfect plum.
Sanded I used Mellow moss.
6. To make it looked aged. I used a kitchen sponge cut up and close to cocoa ink pad. Just dab the sponge onto the ink pad and then onto the cardstock.

Do this with as many pages as you want. You can also do the edges of the main pages.
7. Adhere on to one side of a main page. With the second side you will need take a bit more time positioning the page, so that the text is straight with the one on the other side.
8. For the decorating of the pages, this is all optional. I choose to match a card I had cased from another ladies blog. As I wanted an aged look for the photograph’s I am going to use.
Firstly I cut strips of perfect plum card 1 ¼” (3cm) wide. Lay one over your page where you would like it to be. Take a smaller circle, (mine is 4 ½” in diameter), lay this over and mark your strip of card in pencil. This is then your cutting line. Cut, age with ink (optional) adhere to page.
9. For the next step, again cut strips of card 1” (2.5cm) wide. To make curved edges use a template as we did in the previous step. Decorate as you wish. I used faux stitching and a length of ribbon. Adhere to your page.

10. For the picture section, cut one 7 x 9cm (perfect plum) piece of card, one 6.5 x 8.5cm (mellow moss) piece of card. Mat and layer them together. The picture should measure 6 x 8cm. (this is not shown yet as I am waiting on some family pictures)
11. Using foam pads cut them into strips and place around three sides as shown. Mount this onto your page.
12. For the pull out tab. Cut strips of card (very vanilla) 2 1/8” x 3 ½” long. Punch out a tab punch and adhere to the top. I decorated mine with stamp sets ‘totally tabs’ and the journaling lines stamp from ‘Live your dream’.

The next steps depend on how you want to put your album together.

1. Punch holes in the side of your pages and hold them together with book rings, ribbon or even wires from a bind it all machine.
2. Place into a decorated film tin. I have used this option and made it to match my pages. Again it is left blank for me to add some embellishments and a title.

Measurements for my circles for the tin lid are; perfect plum scalloped circle 6 ½” and 6 ¼”. Make as you did in step 3. For the cream card Measures 5 ¾”. All these sizes depend on your tin that you use.

Cased card with a twist

I have a couple of posts to share, hopefully the second will be done today at some point if not tomorrow.
The first is a card I cased a couple of weeks ago but with a family bereavment and other family issues I haven't been able to get things finished. You will see what I mean in my next post.
Anyhow, back to this card share. I cased this card from Julie Buhler's blog weeks ago now. You really need to check out her blog its fab. This is my interperation

I just loved how it went together and thought, HEY I can turn it, like you do. So here is it turned

I then went on to create something else which is 3D. Will be back in a mo with some instructions on what I made. Enjoy!