Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Update and some sad news

Sorry for being missing for absolutely ages. As some of you know my brother was very ill with a rare type of cancer. He has fought a very brave fight but has sadly lost his battle and died on August 3rd. Because I live a half an hours drive away it was a bit tough running back and forth to visit him in the hospice. He was there for five weeks, just goes to show how he fought, as when he was originally admitted the family was told he only had days left. He surprised everyone on that score and kept going for the five weeks. It was only the last couple where he became bed ridden and needed them to help with everything. On the last week, each time the phone went I was just expecting to get 'That' phone call. Then when we did I was just so numb, I didn't know how to react.
My first thought has been my mum, who is nearly 80. You just don't expect to bury your own child. She has coped so well and is coming to stay with us for a while at the weekend.
Well the funeral was a real shocker. We didn't expect so many to turn out. There was that many they couldn't get them in the church, there where crowds all outside. Mum thought they where just waiting for us to go in before all of them. We knew my brother was well known in the industry as he was a very BIG union man and fought for all the men. Their right and also their familes to help them get the compensation that they rightly deserve when they too where diagnosed with asbestosis, or related illnesses.
He has made a documentary about the industry and his life and most importantly his condition and the rights men and their families should have. We are hoping it will get shown on National TV, but we have to wait on that one.
He will always be in our hearts and we will never forget him, just because he isn't here now. He's in a good place with my late father looking after them. now that would be fun to watch, lol.
Just wanted to share what has been happening in my life lately.
I am hoping to get back bloggin soon, as soon as I get caught up with life at home. You know housework and the likes. Everything has been neglected lately. So until than thanks to all who have sent lovely wishes to me and my family.