Sunday, 6 September 2009

Yes two days in a row, fingers crossed mr blogger works with the scheduling, lol.

At the same time I made the nappy cake I made two bags for my Great Nephew(3) and Great Neice (8). Now this was a hard task for Elvi as she is disabled. I wanted to make her something she could admire but also something she could use too. Her dexterity was my main concern because I had never met her until the day of my brothers funeral. (That is a long story so won't go into that now). Anyway I made her this
Now I just love this Daisy stamp, she is one of my favourites, just wish Stampin' Up! did stamps like this ;-) Tha background is created with Doodle that, again its one of my favourites but sadly its on the last chance list, boohoo. But I know there will be other stunning sets available to buy when the new catalogue is launched next month.
The second bag was a bit of a brain teaser as I wanted to create something boyish for my dear Great Nephew, who is just a so typical boy. So I followed my main design for Elvi's bag but mase the front and back in the shape of a football. Then each hexagon was cut and stuck down separately.
I filled both with bubbles, sweets and some handmade gifts. I know they both really enjoyed receiving them.

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