Friday, 2 January 2009


Sorry for not bloggin for what has been weeks now, but there has just been so much going on and each time I go to do some blogging I have been side tracked or something has cropped up.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Me, I spend most of it asleep as I have had this dreaded virus for the last two weeks. It has been one awful virus, I can tell you. But I won't go into detail as it just wasn't nice.
I hope Santa was good to you all and brought you lots of crafting items. I received loads of crafting stash from my hubby and also a puppy dalmation. Oh she is sooooooo sweet, but its not the one that you have to take out for walks, no, this one is for my Nintendo DS. I have wanted a real one but we just don't have room, so hubby bought me one of these instead. So when I am really busy, I don't have to worry about taking her out for walks, lol.

My kids really enjoyed them selves and I only managed to get a couple of photo's as I was just so out of it.

I am hoping to get back into the swing of things and maybe post a bit more from next week but on Monday my little boy has to go to hospital to see a consultant about his ears. He has had a problem for just over a year and the week before Christmas I had to take him to see our GP. So I had had enough and told him I want him referred as it was not normal for gunk to come from his ears and for him to be in so much pain. So off we will be trotting on Monday. I hope it is something they can do there and then, just to relieve the poor mite of deafness and pain.
Well I better get organised as I need to post soem details of an offer from Stampin' Up!

Back soon!

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