Saturday, 12 July 2008


Well tomorrow is the day of the fair, I hope I am ready but I know I will of forgotten something.
I have just set up my rough guide of my table minus the SU books as I have packed those.
This is what it will roughly look like but I do have to set up a section for the make and takes that I am doing too. I have made a basket with the sour cream holders, filled with a little surprise. I will be charging a small fee for these and the money will go to the charities that I mentioned in a previous post.
I have also decorated some Elizabeth shaw mints and put them into a bucket, these will be handed to people towards the end of the day.
I hope the weathermen are correct for once and it stays dry, not bothered about the sun, but it would be nice if it could pop out and say hello now and then. I know there are going to be firemen there with a fire engine, now I hope my son wants to go and see that ;-)
Will try and report tomorrow about how it all goes.


Janette said...

Hi Melanie,
Good luck with the fair
Hope it goes/went well :)
Let us know how you got on

Lainey said...

Good luck - your display looks fab - especially your bucket of mints.