Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Bag 'O' cards

For demo's, what was the first thing you made when you got your kit? Me it was a small bag of cards. I had seen this done on another blog and thought it was a great gift to give. So I made my own little notelets (3x3") and then cut some envelopes from the cricut machine.
I then set about making a small box but decided to put a handle instead of a lid.
This was the finished project. I did put some bling onto the cards, but I kept the colour theme all the same.
I then took two colours that I liked and made a bigger one but this time I used a set from the US catalogue. I can't find where I have put the cards as things are being packed up again in my craft area. I am having new flooring laid at some point. Ceramic tiles, which are stood in my living room. But that is another story, or thriller, which ever way you want to look at it, lol.
Here is the bigger one, its to hold A6 cards and envelopes, which I do have matching ones somewhere. I love this stamp set and I hope it comes into the new catalogue.
Anyway must get on as I have a tutorial to write for tonight, well instructions for the box of cards we are going to start making. I may show it once its done, if hubby doesn't pack away my camera ;-)


Carolynne H said...

Love the little box for the cards. I must pull out my old stamp set again...

Ive nominated you for an award.. pick it up from my blog...

Carolynne x

Carola said...

Your blog is great, I nominated you, too :)

Kara said...

Hi Melanie,

I love the simplicity of your 'first cards'. The rounded edges on everything give them the professional look.
The eggplant and celery (i think that's what they are) look great together, hadn't thought of those two together.