Thursday, 12 June 2008

Sorry for no posts but....

..... I have been really, really busy. I have a fair coming up next month for Jewellery and I am also going to be doing a Make and Take session, so I am frantically making loads of samples for a big display board. Its all in aid of chairy, sorry but I cannot remember which one it is at the moment, my head is so full of things to do. I know I am donating a few packs of card and people will get to come and sit and make a card for a small fee, all of which will go to this charity event. Will post more when I get some more details of venue etc.
I am hoping to show some cards later this week, oh boy its Thursday already. Where has the week gone? Anyway I will try my best to show something soon.

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Laurie Unger said...

How did the fair go? Give us an update - please!!!