Monday, 19 July 2010

Stop the clock.......

..... Please. Where does the time go. I wish someone would invent a machine to make time stand still for a while. Maybe then I will catch up. There is always something that gets in the way when you have plans to do something else.
Anyway back to business. A month or so ago a lot of demo's got together to have what we have named, 'National Demo Support Day'. This was a day where we all made a card or two to send to our lovely team that are behind the scenes that keep Stampin' Up! ticking over for the UK. They are the ones we run too when we need help or to answer queries or just to have a moan too. They are lovely people and I am hoping come November when we go to Convention that they will be there to give them a hug or two. Chris and Eileen are just fab. I don't think they know exactly how much we care about these guys. Anyway, back to the cards. I made two cards, one for each of them so they didn't fight, lol.
They are both the same layout but using different designer papers. The first one is using the lovely cottage wall papers. I have also used the Vintage vogue stamp set on the vellum butterfly. I just love these at the moment (you will see more as I have another project with them on to show.) The second card is using the 'To the nines' designer papers. Also 'Lovely as a tree' stamp set and also 'Thank you Kindly'. So if you are reading this Eileen or Chris, mwah to you both. Your the best Support team ever.

Another project I have to share is one I have made to go up in my home. I got the idea from Jenny Moors who is an awesome lady and demo. She is an inspiration.

These are my 3D butterflies again using the lovely Cottage wall desinger papers. I have made curly antennae's and used my own gems for the bodies. This is all mounted in a box frame which I purchased from Wilkinson's.

Here is an angled shot so you can see the butterflies a bit better. I know I keep saying this but I really must get to grips with my camera and learn how to use it better. I just never seem to find the time.

Another thing I would love to share with you all, not craft related sorry. Is that last week, we had a leavers assembly for my little boy (well not so little now). The theme for them was the Oscar's. Anyway all kids where nominated for various things and none of them knew if they won until the night. Anyway my son received one for the most improved with maths. I must say he is a whizz at his mental maths. I also think he really excells this subject more than any other.

Here he is getting his award. They moved so quick so sorry for the blurry photo, plus I stumbled on my bag that was in front of me, that was without wine honest. I am so proud of the way he has worked this year, as not only has he improved on everything he has done fabulous with his literacy that he has struggled with for the last four years. And its only been this year they have done something about it. Plus the fact I have worked so hard with him at home with extra studies.
Sorry for the rambling, think this makes up for the last few weeks.

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Sara said...

Love the cards you made for Chris and Eileen. Great idea to use the same layout - just shows how different they can look.

The coiled antenna for the butterflies are fab, I'll have to pinch that idea from you if you don't mind.

Sara xx