Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Bit of an update on life

Sorry for not blogging at all this month. But there has just been so much happening and I can't see things settling down just yet. Many of you have sent lovely comments and asked how my brother is doing. Well he is hanging in there and has now been put on steroids to try and build him up a bit. This is to see if he would be well enough for Chemo. I didn't know there where different kinds of chemo for different cancers. Anyway he is doing the best he can considering and has talked about going fishing, personally I don't think he could manage it unless he had quite a few helpers. Don't think I would volunteer, lol, thinking pictures here as I can be very squeamish.
We have also had two lots of more bad news. A good friend of ours has just lost there father. He was very old and frail and it was expected. But it still hits you hard.
Then the other was my hubby's mum, she sadly passed away on Monday. So we are having to go up to Scotland this week for a few days. This was also expected as she has been poorly for a while. But again it still hits you very hard. My children have never experianced anything like this, so it makes it a little bit harder to explain what the next few days will have in store for them. I know they will be fine as they are both mature enough to handle this situation.
So for today just grab your nearest and dearest and give them a BIG hug.
I am working on a tutorial for ILWS and hopefully, if camera doesn't play up. I will have it on my blog too. This should be around the 4th May. So happy stamping/crafting.


Need More Time to Craft said...

Melanie, my thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time. Sending you big hugs.
Carole x

Kate Lewis said...

So sorry to hear about your losses and your brother Melanie, thinking of you, take care Kate xxx