Wednesday, 1 April 2009


It will be my little boy's birthday come 1st April and he will be 10, gosh how the years have flown by. To celebrate I have put together a little kit of Stampin' Up! goodies. What a way to celebrate.
Here is what I am offering:
1/2 meter of each of the 1/4" grosgrain ribbons. White blooms from the pretties kit. Felt blooms in all 3 available colours. Metal frames/buckles and other embellishments from the retired hodgepodge kit. Glass beads, brads and pearls from the pretties kit. 5 x whisper white envelopes. 12 sheets of the Tea Party paper size 6 x 6" (this is new and not available to customers till 1st April). 8 x A5 sheets of card to match the paper. Polka dot punches stamp set (no longer available to buy through sale a bration) and a mini catalogue. All of this in an undecorated A5 silver tin. OK apart from the stamp set as it won't fit.
Ok to get your little mits on this lot you will need to leave a comment and tell me. If you where 10 again (I know we can dream) how would you like to celebrate it?
Also If you have a blog can you pop a link on to lead back here. The more the merrier as mum always says ;-)
I will choose a winner on the 1st April. If I can work out the random generator other wise it will be out of the bag. OK I am blonde what can I say, lol.


Janette said...

Hi Mel,

Ooh to be 10 again....I would have a fancy dress party and jelly and ice cream !!
Great candy....hope I win but I guess being nymber one to comment it isnt likely is it....
Janette x

Paula said...

Great blog candy Melanie - and loving your blog background.

If I was to have a 10th birthday, I'd either have a pool party - which was great for me as I was a little fish, but not so great for my non-swimming friends. Or I'd have a bouncy castle/ice cream/fizzy pop etc because you just don't care about being sick or cleaning it up when you're 10 do you LOL

Daisychain said...

Great blog candy, thanks for the chance to win it. I have put a link on my blog. If I was ten again I would have a day out at a theme park.

georgina ellis said...

wow what a great candy mix, now if i was 10 i'd want everything with all my friends and lots of pressies,but if not a party in one of those places who do them, and still have all my friends and lots of pressies, luv georginaxx

Gi Gi said...

Great blog! Love looking at your creations and waiting patiently for your next. Happy birthday to your little boy! I'm sure you have something special planned =) Okay, so if i were 10 again, i'd probably want a party with lots of cake and ice cream. Actually that's not far off from what I got last year lol. As long as there's good food and friends, you can't really go wrong. Thanks for doing this candy and I wish your son the best =)

Aunty Sue said...

Hi and Happy Birthday to your son. Well if i was 10 and can think back that long all of 40 years. I would have a night at the pictures with my girlie friends then go to pizza hut for our tea at the trafford centre where there is lots of yummy shops. Off to post a link to your blog from mine.

Esme said...

Happy Birthday to your son!
If I was 10 again I think I'd love to go roller skating or ice skating - kids are much braver and my friends are all too scared of falling over now!!
Have added a link to your fabulous blog!

Esme xx

Christine said...

Hi & great candy love SU thanks for the chance to win & have added your link & piccy to my side bar, happy birthdsy to your son, if I was 10 again (wow nearly 50yrs. ago) think I would like a party for the whole of my class with clowns & tricks ohh lots of cakes & ice cream yumm.

Christine xx

Izabela said...

First I have to say, this is a great blog Melanie! And of course Happy Birthday to your son!
I always loved running around outside and being outdoors. I think for my 10th birthday, I would invite some friends over and have a party in a tree house (I always wanted to have one). We would have lots of sweets, play funny games and just have fun!!
Thanks for doing this candy.
Izabela x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your son,
if i was 10 i would have an easter egg hunt as my birthday usually fall in the easter holidays and then i would have lots of cake and ice cream

liz a

Anonymous said...

Hi, if I was 10 again, I would have a bouncy castle, so much fun. But must remember to eat only after all the bouncing has finished :o)

Jade M.

kay said...

happy birthday to your son and thanks for the chance of blog candy.

if i were 10 again and thats 30yrs ago
i would celebrate with a picnic in the park with friends and family.

Karen said...

Hi there
Great candy and a brilliant blog - love your cards - very special!
If I was 10 again I'd spend the day with my friends, off on our bikes, enjoying a lovely safe world, with the sun shining and our sandwiches in a box along with some crisps. A nice innocent world spent with ones we love. No worries or cares to drag us down. Oh this is a wonderful thought!

Thanks for the memories!

Bye for now
Karen x

ephraz said...

your candy Is really special, it's so cute! Thank you very much for the opportunity to get ti!
If I had a 10th birthday, my house want to celebrate with all the members at a party big.

Beryl said...

Hi, Happy Birthday to your son! Love your blog and am just into SU, had an evening a few weeks ago and more to come! Really good stuff.If I was 10 again I think I would go back to when I was 10 and we had traditional parties at home (I have 4 younger sisters) and played games and won little prizes, with friends and family.

Crafty Lynn said...

Birthday wishes to your son. Now if I was 10 again I would love to take my friends to the cinema then Pizza Hut for a party.

Lynn x

Karen said...

Am I too late for this candy?

Hope not!

Karen x