Tuesday, 21 October 2008

New Stash and life

Thought I had better do a post to say why I am really quiet lately. Last week I have the children off sick, one at a time. Then I have managed to get an ear infection, just when one starts to clear up the other one has flared up. So I am now on not only drops, but antibiotics and also nurofen for the intense pain and swelling. Its not nice at all. In the meantime I have had a lovely delivery of new stash,
My hubby has bought all this for me for Christmas and him being so nice he has let me have it ALL now!
I am currently trying to work on my Christmas scedule too, some new classes and also learning how to use my camera. As I don't use it to even have its potential. I am hoping to have some Christmas events at my evening class on a Wednesday and there are some fab ideas that are coming into shape. Won't say too much just yet. I have quite a few swaps that I am working on this week too, been waiting for new stuff to arrive, not all Stampin' Up! I am afraid to say, but we don't have any halloween stamps in our catalogue this year, which was very disappointing being a demo. So I have had to buy some from elsewhere to do my halloween projects for the kids.
Talking of which they break up at the end of the week for half term. Can you believe it. So we are hoping for some nicer weather to get out and about. I will try and show some cards this week when I get some time to myself. Until then have a nice day!

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Emma said...

Hi Melanie,

Hope you will feel better soon, I know there's nothing worse than ear problems, I bet you wish you could cut off you head sometimes.

Would just like to say that I absoloutly love the new look blog -fantastic.